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Connecting Your Video Data & Workflow to Any Tool in Your Marketing Stack With Zapier

March 7th, 2018

Today, we are extending the capabilities of TwentyThree by announcing a new integration with Zapier, a tool that allows marketers and organizations to “move info between your web apps automatically.” Through this integration, you’ll now be able to connect video data and video workflows to nearly any tool in your marketing stack.

A robust and deep integration, TwentyThree x Zapier not only lets you move video data to the right tool, but also upload videos, create live events, capture leads and much more. It’s a versatile integration that is built to be adaptable for any almost any situation:

"This new Zapier integration from TwentyThree allows us and our clients to customize our unique workflows and video data to flow to our tools in our marketing stack. At MarkedsPartner, we use Zapier and TwentyThree to get data from our video collectors into the tools that allow us to track exact behavior and GDPR compliance," said Erlend Førsund of MarkedsPartner, a digital marketing agency in Oslo and Sarpsborg, Norway.

While TwentyThree has existing native integrations with top tools like HubSpot and Google Analytics (plus many more), Zapier provides even more flexibility for marketers trying to get their video data and content to the right place.

Whether that’s connecting a Slack channel to publish a notification each time a video converts a lead or connecting with Dropbox to automatically store video content, Zapier opens up many new possibilities with TwentyThree’s video marketing platform. Here are some of the tools that Zapier can connect to with your TwentyThree video marketing platform:

  • Slack
  • Microsoft Office
  • Zendesk
  • Docusign
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • JIRA
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Dropbox
  • Pipedrive
  • GitHub
  • ToDoist
  • ActiveCampaign

It’s incredibly important for marketers to integrate their video into their existing tools. And we found in our State of Video Marketing 2018 report that only 21% of companies even have their video data already integrated to a marketing automation system or CRM.

Below, we put together the top use-cases (even though there are many more) for marketers to use Zapier in innovative ways with video.

Zapier x TwentyThree Uses

Send Video Updates to Slack

By automatically integrating video into your communication tool like Slack, organizations can have a better look at the performance and status of their videos. Marketers can send new leads that come from video directly to a Slack channel where their sales team can utilize this information for more targeted outreach.

The integration with Slack can additionally send updates when a webinar/live event or new video is active on your website.

By doing so, it keeps an organization informed on the impact that video is having on the bottom-line, proving ROI to the organization, and improving buy-in on the power of video.

In the above example for new leads from video to Slack, the Zapier integration can be set up to populate a Google Spreadsheet. Even though our existing integrations with marketing automation systems also send this information automatically to HubSpot or Marketo or Pardot or Eloqua, this gives organizations another location to store their leads.

Automatically Store Video Content to Dropbox

One of the biggest pain-points for marketers surrounding video is the notion that it’s hard to manage all of the content. By integrating TwentyThree with your Dropbox account, you can have a central repository to send your video content. For example, your sales team could have a location to access all of your product videos and thought-leadership video content.

Zapier can also connect to a business Dropbox account to automatically send uploaded videos to their storage platform.

Sync Video Directly to Task Management Softwares

Task management softwares like
Trello, Asana, and JIRA are the engines of many marketing departments around the world. Our Zapier integration opens up the possibility of sending video triggers directly to these softwares to automatically update video related projects. Here are some examples of different triggers that marketers can customize within their video workflow:

- Updating Trello checklists when a webinar has been completed/ended.

- Create a new Trello card when a webinar or video has been unprotected/published.

- Set up automatic updates in the case that something goes wrong, like an event or webinar being accidently deleted.

- Archive a card once a video related project has been totally completed in TwentyThree.

By saving the clerical time of updating tasks, this integration with task management tools can streamline the process for many marketers, allowing more dedicated time to creating the content that resonates.

By adding Zapier as an integration for marketers, TwentyThree has opened up new options for any business trying to manage their video content and data in a smarter way. It’s essential for marketers to think about how they can share video lead data, having a more seamless process for storing video content, and sending data to task management solutions.

Interested in learning more about the Zapier - TwentyThree integration? Sign up for a free 14-day TwentyThree trial here.