June 20th, 2018

Setting Up Video Data in Marketo - The Marketers Guide To Integrating Video Into Marketo

From landing pages to blogs to emails, Marketo has covered most of the marketing tactics required to move customers down the entire buyer’s journey. But with 80% of website data expected to come from video by 2020 (Cisco), it’s essential for marketers to now harness the power of their video data in their Marketo smart campaigns.

The TwentyThree-Marketo integration helps you take back the missing half of your video marketing data. It’s an integration that syncs both ways, providing video engagement data on already identified leads that are cookied through the Marketo munchkin code and tracked across your entire marketing funnel. When TwentyThree and Marketo are connected, information about contacts and their activity is shared between the two products. The integration is built with what we call two-way sync, which has two major benefits:

First, contact information and detailed video usage information from TwentyThree is made available directly in Marketo — where it can be used for attributes, program assignment, smart flows, lead scoring, email campaigns, lead creation and much more.

Second, TwentyThree will automatically detect if a contact already exists in Marketo — and then reuse that information without asking visitors to identify again. This ensures a great user experience and the best possible data foundation for your video marketing.The in-depth nature of this integration is essential to building smart campaigns that are completely data-driven when it comes to video.

You can download the guide here.

Setting Up Video Data in Marketo

Marketo’s customizable features make it perfect for marketers setting up attribution data about video. They’ll be able to see detailed video engagement and conversion data for their lead scoring and attribution models.

To set up Marketo x TwentyThree, marketers must follow a few simple steps to build custom fields for each metric they want to measure.

In order for an account and pro le information to be synced automatically, we recommend that TwentyThree is setup to run from a subdomain to the main site domain. This will make sure that TwentyThree and Marketo share the same tracking information, which will also guard against duplicate pro les.

To access lead and activity information in Marketo, marketers need to create new service credentials for TwentyThree within the Admin Launchpoint inside a Marketo account.

This data can then be synced to Marketo where marketers can see an overview of their video data by implementing the following custom fields in Field Management within the Admin portal that allows you to see valuable insight such as:

  • Number of videos played
  • Number of video visits
  • Total video playback (minutes) • Video engagement score
  • TwentyThree User Identifier

After setting up the initial video metrics inside of Marketo, marketers need to set up custom activities for video collectors (conversions and leads) and custom activities for video views (engagement). These two customizations will allow marketers to start collecting leads from video and segment based on video behavior from their videos, webinars, and more.

Download the guide for free here