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TwentyThree and Guanxi Strengthen Their Partnership

May 18th, 2021
Nada Thouimer - Partner Manager

Guanxi has been helping companies for years to manage Sales, Marketing, Service processes by defining strategy, processes and guiding execution. Processes can become easier when you have the right tools.

“At Guanxi we believe that each channel needs to be utilized to contribute to the Digital Sales process in order to create a valuable relationship with the market throughout the entire sale process. The video channel and especially webinars this past year proved to be able to fill in the gap of information that is typical in the buying process, the center of Digital marketing strategy.

As of today, TwentyThree is the platform which has generated excellent results in terms of engagement and quality lead generation. In fact, +35% of leads that enter the automatic follow-up workflow after the webinar react positively to the CTA proposed: book an appointment with a digital sales representative for more information or for a demo.

Our clients are fully satisfied with TwentyThree not only because it allows the generation of new leads and maintains strong relationships by providing a complete experience, but also because it is easy to monitor performance and integrate the platform with software, such as HubSpot, to manage the automation process, lead scoring, and qualification.”

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