Bird & Bird Case Study

Bird & Bird is an international law firm - with over 1300 lawyers in 29 offices across Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and North America - that helps their clients navigate the ever-changing digital world. As leaders and digital innovators in their field, Bird & Bird saw video as a huge opportunity to engage their audience and quickly communicate learnings and messages.

“Using a platform like TwentyThree, we’re able to get a huge amount of insight and analytics. It helps us to shape our digital strategy,” said Michelle Williams, Digital Marketing & Design Manager at Bird & Bird.

Bird & Bird built a video hub with TwentyThree that was full of educational videos, even allowing their audience to contact them through the TwentyThree player and order the training. By hosting their videos directly on their website and also distributing them to YouTube, Bird & Bird was able to properly measure the impact of video.  

“The other area where TwentyThree has helped us out massively is in terms of the analytics. There’s a lot of data that we have access to that we couldn’t really see very easily before. It’s helped us to change the format of our videos and we use that to determine which topics we talk about, which of the key spokespeople perform well, what channels are driving traffic. It’s just giving us a lot more insight than we had before,” added Michelle.

With over 200 videos published to their video hub, Bird & Bird has received +190,000 minutes of video engagement on their website. They also distribute their videos natively to YouTube, where they pull the analytics back to TwentyThree to compare the engagement of their website and their YouTube channel. While it’s still vitally important to share videos to YouTube, they saw that their video hub and website videos received 63% more engagement.

minutes of video engagement on the Bird & Bird website.
190,000 +
videos in their video hub.
200 +
higher engagement on website video hub compared to YouTube.
63 %

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