How Eloomi Consolidated All Their Video Marketing and Webinar Tools in TwentyThree

eloomi is an award winning cloud based Performance Management & Learning Management System.

Though still considered to be a young company, the brand raised $12 million in the latest Series A round, operates in 25+ country and is considered one of the most promising scale-ups in the Nordics.

Since 2018 eloomi has been ramping up their video production and use of video across the organisation. As video tuned more and more crucial it quickly became apparent that the eloomi team needed a more advanced platform and additional video marketing capabilities than YouTube could provide.

"Since we started doing video marketing we were always using YouTube. It's a great platform, it's one of the top search engines, but it limits your capabilities a video marketeer," said Jara Andersen, Communications Manager at eloomi. "You can't see full analytics, you can't add forms (...).it just gets a little bit muddled. When we found TwentyThree we realised that it solved all the problem we had with YouTube."

After implementing TwentyThree, eloomi was able to consolidate all their previous video tools into on platform to run everything from video to webinars and beyond.

"Webinars play an important role in our marketing strategy because it's a great way for us to connect to people in real-time", Said Andrew Mina, Marketing Specialist at eloomi. "In the past, we've used emails, campaign tools, and another platform to try and bring all of these things together. But when using TwentyThree we have the emails, we have the video, we have the editing tool, we have all of the pieces of the puzzle in one tool.