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Hint Case Study

Hint Health, a San Francisco based tech company, is building a Direct Care Administration platform powering next generation business models in healthcare. In 2017, Hint held its first conference - the Hint Summit 2017 - to discuss and accelerate innovative approaches to healthcare across the United States. The first event of its kind in the Direct Care space, it sold out quickly as hundreds of groundbreaking physicians and their staff clamoured for tickets.

The Hint team was blown away by this overwhelming demand, and immediately began looking for ways to extend the event. They were already planning to film and release the talks at a later date, so they began to research the possibility of providing a live broadcast to everyone on the waitlist. Thanks to the simplicity of TwentyThree’s robust video marketing platform, Hint was able to set up a live stream on their website in a matter of days, giving them plenty of time to properly publicize it before the event. During the broadcast, more than twice the number of physical attendees logged on to watch the content, effectively increasing conference attendance by 200%. In addition to capturing leads through live stream sign-up, Hint went on to host these videos as on-demand content in their custom built video hub, where their conversion rate on these videos is an impressive 53%.

For this effort, Hint has been rewarded with incredible engagement. Thanks to the robust analytics tracking of their video hub and other embedded players, Hint has measured 74,000+ total minutes of engagement, a 49% load-to-play rate, and an average video completion rate of 63%. Hint’s average engagement time of +57 minutes per viewer is one of the highest on the TwentyThree platform, making a strong case for the power of long form video in today’s soundbite world.

The power and simplicity of the TwentyThree platform has allowed Hint to extend its video program and begin live streaming content from other industry conferences as well. This new capability gives Hint great exposure, while allowing them to provide a turnkey service for the organizations they partner with. Most organizations they approach had never even considered live streaming, which makes it another way Hint can demonstrate support for innovation in their industry.

minutes of video engagement
74 +
leads generated from video
1,000 +
video completion rate
63 %

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