See How Pleo Uses Webinars and Videos to Scale Their Onboarding Processes

Pleo is a company payment card solution that automates expense reports and simplifies company spending. 

To help scale their customer onboarding processes, Pleo turns to video and webinars to educate their customers in a fast, personal and timely manner.

"One of the things we love about the TwentyThree webinar tool is that we can follow up and analyze what happened during the webinar," said Björn Ingmansson, Customer Onboarding Manager at Pleo. "Now we can communicate with a lot of potential leads at the same time. It's proven - people are engaged in the videos. It just makes sense for me to work with video, to create that engagement because that engagement will result in business for us."

By leveraging TwentyThree to run their videos and webinars, Pleo has achieved a play rate of 94% and a completion rate of 72% on their videos across their website.


completion rate on videos across the Pleo website.


play rate on the videos hosted on their website with TwentyThree.