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Templafy Case Study

Templafy, a Copenhagen based start up, provides software for enterprise businesses to streamline how users create on-brand and compliant documents, presentations and emails. With a complex product, Templafy turns to video to tell their story quickly. But they know the importance of having the right tools to distribute, measure, and integrate their video data.

“One of the things I really like about TwentyThree is the possibility to integrate with Pardot,” said Glen Hagerson, Head of Marketing at Templafy. “We use it to really understand the value of each lead and to score a lead. Then we know if they've seen a video that explains exactly what Templafy is doing.”

Along with integrating all of their video data into Pardot, Templafy has used Collectors to capture new leads for nurture and hit their benchmarks. They then measure the engagement and video watch time to determine how engaged a lead is.

“The most important thing is how many [leads] actually sign up after watching a video,” added Glen. “We look at engagement scores, how long they view a video. I think that's super important for us to know if they drop-off after a few seconds it's probably the wrong target audience or it's not an interesting video to show.”

By running their video everywhere and distributing it to the right channels, Templafy has achieved a 65% completion rate (average play-time percentage) on their videos across their website and YouTube. Additionally, Templafy has identified thousands of leads through their video Collectors and measured 110,000+ minutes of video engagement.

completion rate on videos across the Templafy website and YouTube.
65 %
minutes of video engagement.
110,000 +
videos hosted on their website with TwentyThree.
200 +

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