HubSpot User Group - Copenhagen


06 June
14:00−17:00, Copenhagen

HubSpot User Group - Copenhagen

The next HubSpot User Group in Copenhagen will have a unique visit from HubSpot in Boston. So don't miss out on this opportunity! 

Speaker is Ari Plaut, a Senior Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot. His expertise lies within the HubSpot reporting tools. Ari is building an entirely new presentation for this meeting: "Hidden Reporting Gems of HubSpot: 3 Reports You Might Not Be Using... But Probably Should Be."

He will touch upon these important subjects:

  • Attribution Reporting (incl. some sneak peeks of what is to come!).
  • Cross-Object Reporting (in the custom builder).
  • Event Funnels (if there's time left).

Besides that, Ari will dive into the custom report builder and will walk us through how to think about reporting, how to use the custom builder, and some example reports and use cases. 

We will have plenty of time for Ari to take questions and speak from his experience. Ari also invites you to bring your own experiences, challenges and share your wisdom, roundtable-style. 

Please join us in the upcoming HubSpot User Group meeting at our office for the possibility to learn and share on an important topic.

Find more information about the event and register here.


Ari Plaut
Senior Product Marketing Manager, HubSpot
Lars Ørhøj
Senior Inbound Strategist, Avidly Denmark