Video Marketing Meetup in San Francisco


10 July
17:30−20:30, San Francisco

Video Marketing Meetup in San Francisco

Video marketing is the most effective way to tell a story and connect with your customers. Today, video represents one of the most essential disciplines in marketing, and organizations are integrating video marketing into their strategies more than ever before. Despite its rise in popularity, when compared to other marketing disciplines, video marketing remains relatively underutilized.

Video Marketing Introductions (Unity, Conversica, DJI, Atlassian, Denim Video):
Five experts have been given the challenge of providing insight on how they use video marketing in their organization, while at the same time giving us tips, tricks and hacks on how to work better and smarter with video marketing - in under 3 minutes! 

Keynote Speakers:
will go through current video marketing trends and strategies, while Prezi will share how to utilize video marketing throughout every touchpoint of the funnel when launching a new software feature. Our final keynote speaker and legend, Luke Hale, has led numerous video production teams in Silicon Valley. At this Video Marketing Meetup, Luke will share insights and principles of engagement that are sure to level up your next production. The keynote will focus on the principles of simplicity and complexity and how both play their part in making your message stick.

Fireside Chat with Chad:
In this fireside chat, our Video Marketing Meetup partner Chad Lakin from Shootsta, will have an engaging conversation with Casey Schendel from Airbnb, discussing his work experience in executive video production for big brands such as Tesla and Airbnb. 


Steffen Fagerström Christensen
CTO & Co-founder, TwentyThree
Chad Lakin
Vice President, Shootsta
Arwen Heredia
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Prezi
Luke Hale
Managing Video Producer, Masters of Engagement
Casey Scheldel
Executive Producer, Airbnb
Sylvia Gorajek
Video Strategist & Executive Producer, Denim Video
Morgan Giles
Customer Education Trainer, Prezi
Avery Bazan
Film Director, DJI
Patricia Pouncey
Sr. Director, Conversica
Blane Barker
Senior Program Manager, Atlassian