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From the analytics main tab you can access the usage subsection where we present data concerning when and how users are consuming video data.

Time of day Different video sites perform in different ways—and optimizing your publishing flow to match how and when your visitors consume videos can be an easy way to boost engagement. To improve the accuracy of the time of day data, make sure your timezone settings are correct.

Traffic Traffic measures the bandwidth used by your video site day by day and over time. The number includes all the videos served in the period, but not thumbnails or other parts of the site.

Plays in Fullscreen When your users switch to watching in fullscreen, it means that they are more heavily engaged with your videos. For some longer videos, fullscreen is an important part of the user experience and it can be a helpful usage measure to improve upon.

Plays with subtitles Subtitles are an important part of making your videos accessible or catering to a multilingual audience. Creating the subtitles are only the first step though—and knowing how subtitles and captions are used will help you drive user adoption.