Performance details

All performance details

From the analytics main tab you can select a subsection called all performance details. In this subsection we present a graph of overall engagement minutes and list the top videos.


Additional performance details in the performance subsection include:

Playthrough average Tracks the playthrough average or drop off rate of the video. The percentage describes how much of the videos has been played on average before users stop watching. More specifically, 10% means that users barely start the video before leaving it. 90% means that most people finish the clip

Load to play Counts how many times the video has been loaded, but not necessarily played, from the video player

Play to finish This graph depicts the overall percentage of plays to finish over a the period. 100% means that all videos played that day played to the end, whereas 25% means that a quarter of all videos played until finish that day.

Action click-throughsThis graph presents the number of clickthroughs from the Actions in the video. This is a key measure for tracking whether or not the calls to action in the play flow actually work

Sharing from player If enabled in the player, this graph presents how many users actually share the video through the share function in the player

Embed from player If the feature is enabled, the graph shows how many user embed the video directly from the player

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