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Using Clearbit and Clearbit Reveal with TwentyThree

Email addresses submitted in TwentyThree collectors are automatically enriched with extra information about the visitor. This will usually include company information such as address, country, industry, website info and social profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. It will often include detailed information about the visitor as well, for example title, job role, and social media profiles. This all happens behind the scenes and is built directly into TwentyThree.

If you manage more than a few thousand submitted addresses every month however, you may run into rate limits—and may want to use your own Clearbit account to ensure that all relevant information is looked up.

To connect your own Clearbit account:

Use Clearbit Reveal to track anonymous visitors

Clearbit Reveal helps marketeers gain insight into their web traffic by linking anonymous visitor IP addresses with specific companies. When you connect your Clearbit Reveal account to TwentyThree, we will automatically include company information on anonymous visitors in Audience.

The information pulled into TwentyThree through Reveal includes company name, description, website and location. It will also bring in info about industry, social media profiles, annual revenue, number of employees if this is available.

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