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Creating your own Template Webinar

Creating your own Template Webinar

If you produce a series of webinars that you want to follow the same design and setup, you may want to create a template webinar for all users to follow.

When you create a template webinar, you can setup the email flow, webinar status, language, and more. Just be sure you choose the settings that you want to be consistent for all future webinars that use this template.

You should give the webinar a name that will be easily recognizable for other users that this is made as a template. When you want to create a new webinar using this template, you simply go to the template and press the three dots next to “Enter room”, and then press “Duplicate”. This will give you a copy of the template that you can then change to the desired title, hero image, and add speakers and a description.

Making a webinar template is also useful for setting up an email flow, especially if you want to have custom text that fits your brand. This may also be useful if you want to make an email flow in a specific language that should be used as a template for all webinars in that language. When you have set up the email flow as you want, this will also be copied to the new webinar when it is duplicated.