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Inviting new users

Manage users in TwentyThree Personal

At TwentyThree we always say, "Let's have a beer", but we also say, "The more the merrier!"

Invite Members

You can invite members to join your workspace by going to your profile icon and clicking User Management. At the top right, you will see the option to Invite Members and even write them a custom invitation message.

Invite Colleagues

Adding colleagues to a team on your TwentyThree Personal workspace is a great way to share and create videos together. Once you have a team created you can hand out tasks and collaborate on projects. You can add new teammates by clicking the + icon next to Team in the TwentyThree Personal backend. Just add in as many emails as you would like and send out the invitations.

Invite Friends

It is also possible to invite friends to join TwentyThree Personal by clicking your profile picture and selecting Invite Friends to Personal.