Working with live and events

Location test and network stability

Live video has previously been a challenge because it required special internet connections and network ports. So we've built network testing directly into the product: You can simply send a link to someone on location ahead of the event. You will get back the results immediately with confirmation that you can stream HD video when you go live.

With the location test you can check whether your network connection will sustain a good livestream experience. Make sure you are using the internet connection you're planning to use for live streaming as you run the test. The network test will check bandwidth ahead of a livestream and give you a status on your connection stability:

How to send a test link to others

To make sure you have the best experience on a specific location you can send out a link so others will be able to run the test. Simply by typing the person's email or phone number. The recipient will receive instructions to their phone or email address on how to run a network test.

How to improve the result of your location test

There are a few things you can do to increase speed and maximize the performance of the connection you have. Read the article (WikiHow) How to Increase Internet Speed to learn more. After you have made changes, simply run the test again in the TwentyThree backend.

Help Guide video about running a location test

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