Working with video

How to use Slides

You can sync slide decks with both live streams and uploaded videos. This makes it easy to provide viewers with a presentation matching the video content or the live event.

Uploading slides

Log in to the backend of your video site, choose the video or live event in interest and find the option called "Slides". Click the button "Upload your first deck" to get started. Drag a PDF slide deck from your computer to the browser or choose to upload one you have stored locally. The slides will then upload automatically.

Next step is to rename the deck. Choose "New deck" in the left corner and give the deck a suitable name. Continuing you can add more slides to this specific deck by clicking the arrow in the top left corner or choose "Append slides to deck".

You can even change the order of slides in a deck. Simply hover over the slide you want to move and drag the slide to the placement of your choice. In the top right corner you can zoom slides, making it easier to stay in full control of the content of the deck in interest.

In certain situations you might want to sync multiple slide decks to the same live event. Simply click the button "Add new deck" in the top right corner to do this.

Sync slides with a video or live event

As you choose to sync a slide deck you attach them to a video or live event. You are directed to the Timeline where you control the order of slides and how they are shown to your viewers.

In the Timeline, you can easily see the slide currently showing in the video player as well as which one is up next and which one was the previously shown. You can also keep track of which slides are coming up later in the timeline. Use the arrows to browse slides in a deck. Simply choose a slide and press "Enter" to add it to the timeline. If you already know the timing of the specific slides you can define the time simply by clicking and adding a timecode that matches the video or live event.

If you need to shift the timing of all slides on the timeline at the same time hold the Shift key while clicking a timestamp. Now, when you move the single slide you have chosen all other slides on the timeline will shift along with it.

If you have uploaded multiple slide decks to one video or live event, you can change between them by clicking "Change deck" in the lower right corner of your page. You will then be presented with an overview of the decks available for this specific video or live event.

Slides displayed in the video player

To your viewers slides are displayed as a part of the video player. Your viewers can switch between three different modes of displaying the slides:

You control default setup for slides in the player settings. Go to Player Builder and click "Configure" next to the player of interest. In the player configuration click on "Controls" and then select the desired setting in the dropdown menu next to "Default slide mode".

How can I delete slides?

Delete slides simply by clicking the trash can in the top right corner in the preview window. You can choose to delete a single slide or a full slide deck.

Can I add more slides to a deck?

You can upload more slides to a deck you have already uploaded. Simply click the arrow next to the title or choose "Append slides to deck" which is the end-slide of each deck.

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