Optimising your network for watching webinars and live streams

TwentyThree is a video marketing platform designed for companies and organizations to manage, deliver and track their video content across channels. The platform allows at-scale delivery of video content from redundant core origins through a global content delivery network (CDN). Optimizing your internal network settings can scale the streaming capacity and quality significantly, while saving on public bandwidth consumption.

This article relates to delivery of videos and streams to viewers, and does not apply to webinar or live broadcasters. For further information on optimizing your network for webinar hosts and speakers, please refer to this article.

All video and streamed content from TwentyThree is delivered from the following domains:


Concurrent viewers on corporate VPNs

The service is designed to make sure video, live and webinar viewers receive their stream from a server close to them – and in the highest quality their bandwidth permits.

When a lot of viewers watch the same live stream or webinar on the same network, for example from the same office or on the same VPN, you may need to be aware of bottlenecks in that part of the network. To handle concurrent viewers on a VPN, we strongly suggest using split tunneling features to route “” and “*” outside of the VPN.

Concurrent viewers on corporate office networks

On corporate networks, high viewer concurrency can be handled by caching video content inside the firewall. All live streams and live webinars from TwentyThree are delivered on HTTPS and carry the necessary content headers to be handled by a local HTTP proxy. You can read more about these options and our best practice recommendations here our Corporate Network Guide for TwentyThree.

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