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The TwentyThree Design Toolkit

Most video websites revolve around common UI components: Elegant navigation, functional players, efficient search, intriguing thumbnails, responsive layouts and inviting community tools are all imperative for successful content platforms.

Designing a great site on top of TwentyThree often begins when a creative designer adopts this list of components to build a layout and design that fits the brand and the context. The TwentyThree design toolkit serves as a solid foundation and a way to get this process started. It includes Sketch files for all of our built-in themes and video players—and it covers all the common UI patterns

Download the Design Toolkit

The toolkit includes all commonly used UI components:

Home page

Channels and videos overview page

Video page

Live list page

Live event page Video player Event description Sharing options Map Schedule with text and images Question when logged in and logged out Comments with text and images when logged in and out Previous live recordings

Static page

Login and registration pages

Open upload page

Responsive design

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