Where to find Rizen

Miami, FL, USA

We are a growth agency specializing in helping tech-savvy businesses get a grip on their marketing and sales to increase profits through consistently improving the way they communicate with their prospects, clients, and employees.

Why hire us? We are a new breed of marketers. This new breed we belong to are the special forces of marketing. We have taken everything we have learned about what it takes to generate an ROI and put it into our service offerings. We are passionate, driven, and infatuated with the results-driven culture. We exude this culture so much that it may drive some people away. But that's OK. We want that. We want to work with the right people.

Hubspot Silver Agency Partner

Q & A with Rod Rodriguez, CEO at Rizen:

1. To start, tell us about the new partnership between TwentyThree and Rizen? Well... it started at Inbound17. We met Bettina at the TwentyThree booth, and she mentioned the partnership program. I am an avid early adopter of technology and from what I could see, TwentyThree had distinct advantages that our team could use as well as provide for our clients. So, we connected shortly after and the rest is history. 2. For some background, tell us how Rizen helps your clients succeed within the digital marketing space? We help businesses who want to aggressively grow but are frustrated their efforts fall short of hitting their goals. We are unique in that we have a deep understanding of businesses and we apply a proven formula for success. 3. We’re super excited about our new partnership with Rizen here at TwentyThree, from your perspective, why was it so important to bring a video marketing platform to your customers? Video is how people want to consume information. We see the expansion of social platforms to include video and we feel that it will be necessary to compete in the near future. It will be like having a website. A business will need to provide video content to communicate effectively with their customer base. 4. In your experience, how has video marketing played a role in improving inbound and lead gen efforts? For us, it has helped tremendously in many facets. From being able to tell our story, generate leads, and enable the sales process. 5. More than 50% of all website data is now from video content, what do you think is the future of video marketing for most brands? We believe the future is here, and if you are not doing video now, you are going to be left behind. 6. How does video help sales enablement and increasing the pipeline? We use it in our flow as custom video recordings to recap our conversations. They take about a minute to create, but they allow the prospect to see you as a human and not just another cold call. 7. Our HubSpot integration brings all of your video data into a marketing automation system, allowing marketers to lead score and automate activities based on video viewing behavior. What’s the impact this can have on marketers trying to be more data-driven? The integration is great! As data-driven marketers, we appreciate the ease of data collection and the capability of being able to create action from that data. Its the basis for everything we do.