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The real video pioneers

Founded in Copenhagen and proudly independent, we've been powering the way companies communicate with video since 2005.

Created as a hosting platform that gave our customers complete control of their data, we now have all the tools any company needs to make, manage and share video and webinars.

We believe video is the most fundamentally human way to communicate online and we’ve made it our mission to put the power of video in the hands of anyone doing business – wherever and however they work.

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TwentyThree HQ

Sortedam Dossering 7E
2200 Copenhagen N

Phone: +45 7020 9323

For companies that want to create a real connection with their audience in a world that's growing ever more digital, video is their most powerful tool. Those are the companies we're building TwentyThree for.

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal,

TwentyThree Co-founder

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We had a vision

Our story goes back to 2005 when we created the first image and video-hosting platform just for companies. We've been leading the video revolution ever since.


We stick together

We eat lunch together, we share a beer together on Fridays, we celebrate wins together. We're not a family - but we pride ourselves on being a strong team.


We're multi-multi-lingual

With 70+ people from over 20 countries, our culture is multi-cultural. Together we're TwentyThree.

We’re house-proud

We’re biased but we're reasonably confident our office - right on the Lakes by Dronning Louise Bridge - is the best location in town

Four operating principles guide the way we work:

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We build products that connect people face to face because seeing one another makes communication fundamentally more human.

It's real, and so are we. As people, as colleagues, and as a brand, we show our humanity: the good, the less good, the successes and the stumbles.



We're here to make progress, as people, and for people.

We were the first to see possibilities of photo sharing, and the first to understand the potential of video. Our products make new paradigms for communication possible - forward momentum is our DNA.

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We know how to balance the needs of now, with the needs of tomorrow. We've been building TwentyThree for more than 15 years so we know what it takes to grow sustainably.



We're building TwentyThree together.

Our processes prioritise collaboration over individual contributions. We know we don't always have the right answers and that we can always learn from one another, our customers, and the market around us. Together, we're building the future of video.

TwentyThree was officially founded by Thomas Mygdal-Madsen and Steffen Christensen. Honestly, it’s a hard date to pin down — the debate continues on to this day.
We've grown from the two founders coding and pitching out of various cafés into a strong team of talented individuals. And we’re still growing.
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TwentyThree is not an ordinary tech company. We are passionate about elevating the human behind the technology. And that translates across our products, our culture, and our brand.