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Introducing TwentyThree Personal

Welcome to the Personal video era

The first personal video tool for companies, TwentyThree Personal gives everyone in your team the power to record and send videos straight from the browser. Start creating deeper connections with the people you do business with today.

Everyone in your company can:

Record & send engaging videos in the browser


Share all company video content


Create videos together – a first of its kind


Automate customer touchpoints with video


Record & Send

The Personal Touch

What if everyone on your team could communicate with video as naturally as they do with text? So that dull email introducing a new hire was suddenly a video. And that boring invite to a demo... With TwentyThree Personal, the possibilities for deeper engagement are endless.

Video newsletters
Flat newsletters are a thing of the past. Record and share video newsletters to communicate the latest updates in a more engaging way.

PR outreach
Personalize your pitch to journalists, influencers and bloggers with authentic, engaging videos and cut through the noise.

Event updates & reminders
Make it easy for your speakers to record an introduction, bio or topic deep dive to prep your audience, and send attendees a video reminder to build excitement before the event.

Welcome new employees
Forget the stiff all-hands email introducing a new hire, send a warm, personal video that helps your team get to know their new colleague.

Give company updates
A personal video to share news – whether it’s good or bad – is a more engaging way to communicate important information. Make sure your message gets through.

Press briefings
Make a more meaningful connection with key journalists and stakeholders with a personal video detailing important company news.

Welcome new customers
First impressions really do count. Create a personal video to welcome and greet a customer in a much more engaging way.

Automate greetings to lead
Potential customers want to know they're starting a relationship with the right people. Record a video to introduce you and your team in a personal way.

Troubleshoot customer issues
Help customers work through product issues and find solutions on their own by recording troubleshooting videos.

Created for companies

The power of video
for everyone on your team

For the first time, everyone in your company can record and share video as easily as they send email. We designed TwentyThree Personal specifically for companies to give your whole organisation the power to connect with video – no matter whether you’re a two-person start-up or a global enterprise.

Collaborative Video

Create videos together

In a world’s first, TwentyThree Personal makes it possible to create videos together. Whether you’re a small team pitching a potential client, or 20 people collaborating remotely to record a company Holiday greeting, this is a whole new way to create video content – all with no training and no external equipment. We can’t wait to see the collaborative videos you create!

Video Library

All your videos. All in one place.
Ready to share.

Your company’s videos are probably scattered across desktops, servers and file-sharing platforms that few people can share – if any. But imagine if they were in the hands of everyone on the team. TwentyThree Personal gathers your company’s entire video collection in one neat Video Library that everybody can access. Repurpose old videos with new intros, mix new videos with clips and much more – all in just a few clicks.

Automated Video Touchpoints

Upgrade your customer touchpoints to video

What if your company was the first in your industry to welcome new customers with a warm, personal video? Or what if you followed up on a meeting with a video instead of an impersonal email? And what if you could integrate TwentyThree Personal with your CRM to send those videos automatically? Ready to be a pioneer in the video era?

The Personal Video Era

Why tell when you can show?

We’re not enemies of the written word, it’s just a bit... impersonal! TwentyThree Personal makes it easy to put the people of your company front and center in simply crafted but powerfully engaging videos. The video era is here.

It’s free to get Personal.
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