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Improve Your Marketing Data by 50% with TwentyThree and HubSpot

The TwentyThree + HubSpot integration allows marketers to convert video viewers into leads through native video players, lead score them based on video engagement, identify existing HubSpot contacts who engage with video, and set up automated workflows through an innovative HubSpot integration.

Convert, Track and Act Based on Video Behavior Increase engagement by embedding videos and running live/on-demand webinars on your website and syncing video data real-time in HubSpot:

A two-way integration that uses the HubSpot tracking code, recording new and existing contacts' video behavior.

Use collectors to convert leads and feed the form information to HubSpot with info about the video content triggering the conversion.

Gather individual viewer information and calculated video usage, automatically updating HubSpot contacts and lead scores.

See detailed progress information from video, live events and webinar data on the contact's timeline.

Send videos to contacts directly within HubSpot by using the Actions button in the TwentyThree module.

Segment users based on behavior, video usage or specific videos via smart lists in HubSpot.

“Now we can actually measure and we can lead score on engagement, and we can capture the contact details from the (video) viewers. Within that first month, we saw that 50% of all contacts generated came from TwentyThree & HubSpot video collectors”
Christian Johansen, Digital Marketing Specialist at Universal Robots

Generate leads and improve data by 50% with TwentyThree and HubSpot.