TwentyThree and Marketo, an Integration Built for Data-Driven Marketing Teams

The TwentyThree + Marketo integration allows marketers to convert video viewers into leads through native video players, score them based on video engagement, identify existing Marketo contacts who engage with video, and set up automated logic through an innovative Marketo integration.

Last updated
10 September, 2018

Use Video Data to Convert, Track and Nurture

Increase engagement by embedding videos and running live/on-demand webinars on your website and syncing video data real-time in Marketo:

  • A two-way integration that uses the Marketo Munchkin code, tracking new and existing contacts' video behavior.
  • Use Collectors to convert leads and feed the form information to Marketo with info about the video content triggering the conversion.
  • Gather individual viewer information and calculated video usage. The information is automatically updated on the Marketo profile and score.
  • See detailed progress information from video, live events and webinar data on the Marketo contact's timeline.
  • Segment users based on video behavior, video usage or specific videos via smart lists in Marketo.
  • Directly embed trackable animated thumbnails or GIFs into Marketo smart campaigns and emails.

The Marketo + TwentyThree Integration

See how TwentyThree and Marketo work together to improve your data through the power of video marketing.


If you have questions about the TwentyThree for Marketo integration, our friendly support team is available to paid account users.

Improve your data by 50% and generate leads with TwentyThree and Marketo

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  • “We’ve identified +4000 contacts inside our Marketo account that have engaged with videos through the TwentyThree integration. This allows us to have more powerful data for our smart campaigns, lead score based on video engagement, and our sales team to do more targeted outreach based on not only website behavior, but video activity too.”
    Mada Seghete
    Co-Founder at Branch