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Video Innovation Workshop

Uncovering the human touchpoint in a digital age

What is it?

An open source workshop format for innovative minds in agencies, companies, and other organisations to collaboratively uncover how video can fundamentally transform their customer touchpoints.

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Identify opportunities to use video as a meaningful connection to customers

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Create ideas on how to use video to cater for your customer needs

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Build close connections to existing and potential customers by co-creating

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Gain valuable insights and empathize with your customers

Video gives scale to the human touch

Video is the missing human side of the our digital world, where previous innovations have removed humanity in favour of frictionless self-service and commerce.

Spot Personal

Video is becoming the default at all touchpoints

Video and webinars can create all new experiences and touchpoints, like joining the doctor who operated your knee for a webinar or the welcome greeting for new customers from the CEO.

Start planning your Video Innovation Workshop now

Workshop guide
Learn about all the methods used for this workshop and how to run it.
Ready-to-use toolkit
All the materials you need to run the Video Innovation Workshop, including printable workshop cards and customer journey board and the workshop presentation slides for PowerPoint and Keynote.
Customisable toolkit
Adapt the printable assets to your needs by copying the provided Figma document.
“Seeing the pain points laid out on paper makes it much easier to determine the needed formats, such as videos or webinars. It provides a clear perspective. The framework is exceptionally useful, especially for those already focused on ROI.”

Peter, Workshop participant

“I can absolutely see our customers benefiting from this. Understanding the processes was truly inspiring.”

Søren, Workshop participant