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The Video Agency Model

Agencies that only offer production services are losing out to a new breed of Video Agency. They work on retainer, they enable and guide clients on all their video needs, and they’re cleaning up. Ready to break free of the production-only model? Download our open-source Video Agency resource pack and start making the transition today.

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Shift your service model

Most agencies don’t offer 90% of what it takes to do great video - and clients are stepping up to fill the void themselves. They’re defining their video strategy, they’re implementing and scaling webinar programs, they’re doing sales and support through personal video, running video throughout their customer journey, and much, much more. The best video agencies know that clients live in a video-first world, and they’re developing their services beyond the production-only model to meet them there.

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Shift your business model

When you’re able to service clients on all their video needs, you can move beyond occasional billing to predictable retainer revenue that reflects the business-critical value you’re bringing to the table.

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Shift your category

Markets mature and explode when they consolidate around an agreed definition. Think about the rise of the digital agency: what started as dozens of confusing sub-categories emerged into a single agency model that continues to dominate. The time of the Video Agency is now.

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“It’s an exciting time for video agencies - more and more of us are recognising that we’re leaving money on the table if we’re only executing on content. The real opportunity is in being a partner for our clients throughout their video journey.”

Jon Mowat, Founder, Hurricane Media

Download the Video Agency resource package and integrate it to your offerings today.

The package contains slides and visual assets that help you build a convincing Video Agency offering.

TwentyThree Summit 2024: Video Agency Model announcement

Watch a replay of the Video Agency Model announcement at the biggest video marketing conference.

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