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TwentyThree & AI - A Manifesto

Keep it Real

You can dress algorithmic video up as synthetic, generative, or any other buzzword. But at the end of the day it’s fake. And a society swimming in fake will eventually sink in it.

Trust in brands will decline. Social cohesiveness will erode.

Why are we so determined to deploy a technology that will seed suspicion in every digital interaction?

And when we can’t trust what we see digitally, how long before we lose trust in what we see physically?

We’re at a crossroads. Do we double-down on fake, or commit to real?

At TwentyThree, we see the real promise of AI in helping humans be more human, not less.

Because you can’t fake connection. And we shouldn’t even try to.

Three principles
for operating with AI


The power of AI is real

AI’s real power is not replacing humans in the video creation process. It’s empowering them.

Video works because it’s the next best thing to being there in person. We see people, places and events as they really are. Real video creates real engagement and sincere human connection.

What if instead of using AI to add more fake content to an ever-growing pile, we used it to make real video production more accessible?


The real way to solve the problem

Fake video is sold as the only viable way to solve the problem of creating and scaling content. But fake will never work as well as real.

But what if there was a way to record 30 real videos in an hour?

And what if you could create subtitles in 70 languages with a single click instead of diluting your brand with fake multilingual avatars?

What if we used AI to prompt you to look into the camera at the right time instead of faking eye contact?

What if AI could help you create great scenography and lighting set-ups instead of faking backgrounds in your webinars?


  1. Real transparency creates real trust

AI labeling is already here - and will only become more prominent as fake video explodes. But what if we gave creators the ability to label real content?

What if ‘REAL’ becomes a badge of honour - a way for brands to signal their commitment to human endeavor?

What if we fight for real with our eyes open, instead of trusting blindly in fake?

Ai manifesto team

Take a stand with us in the movement for authenticity.

Demonstrate your commitment by displaying the TwentyThree AI Manifesto yourself. Whether you hang it on a wall in your video or webinar studio, place it prominently in your office, or even use it to decorate your home, it's a powerful way to show your support for genuine human connection in the age of AI.

How we're using AI in the TwentyThree Platform

Co producer


Our AI CoProducer gives you tips on eye contact, lighting, and scenography to help take your webinars to the next level.


Make generating content a natural part of wrapping up your webinars and create clips in minutes with live selection of key moments and automatically chosen highlights.



Transcribe all videos and webinars at the click of a button, and use the transcriptions to generate blog and social media posts.


Translate your transcriptions to more than 70 Languages in unlimited workspaces for €249 p/m.

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