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Terminology in the TwentyThree API

The API or The TwentyThree API in this document refers to a set of methods made available on the TwentyThree platform in a well-defined manner and enabling programmers to retrieve data from and write data back to the system. The Client in the documentation can refer either to a browser, to the person using the browser, or generally to the program accessing the API.

The API is designed to work across a number of different product offerings from TwentyThree, and endpoint namespaces will some times refer to internal object names:

  • Videos are called photos internally, and videos are refered to by photo_id.
  • Webinars and live events are called live internally and are refered to by live_id.
  • Workspaces are called site internally and are refered to by site_id.
  • Categories are called album internally and are refered to by album_id.