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5+ Experts on Succeeding With Video Marketing in 2019

April 4th, 2019

This is an excerpt from our latest eBook, The Video Marketing Handbook 2019. Download the full Handbook here.

With the preferential shift in user behavior to video over text, it's important for marketers to have a set strategy for how best to use video. We started our Marketing Expert Series to hear from the world's top brands, marketers, and thought-leaders. That series inspired us to compile some of the best advice we've received over the last two years; advice that will help marketers optimize their strategy for succeeding with video marketing. Here is a preview of The Video Marketing Handbook 2019: 

The Video Marketing Handbook is designed to help marketers have a resource for answering the most pressing questions about video. 

With insight from experts from the world’s top companies like HubSpot and Puma, we’ve compiled the quotes, checklist, and video storyboard for businesses to reference and succeed with video. This handbook covers everything from social video to website video to video data, with a lot of insight in between. We compiled these quotes to help move video forward in 2019, guiding marketers to bring video into the tech stack, allowing for it to be run properly across the funnel. 

All of the quotes come from the TwentyThree Marketing Expert Series, which features episodes from each thought-leader.

Scott Brinker, HubSpot" title="Scott Brinker">

"We're seeing this shift in audience behavior and audience expectation that people really want video. [Marketers] are getting more comfortable with capturing video off of their smartphones and using that as the seed for what we would have thought of as raw content, but that is content that is now very authentic content. It's a really good thing and these pieces have come together to a critical mass of a company's audience that want this video content across marketing, sales, service. Then the people in the company generally are now feeling comfortable to say yeah, we can produce that content that
doesn't take a PhD from Film School to be able to do something valuable.“

George B. Thomas, Impulse Creative" title="George B Thomas, Impulse Creative">

"If you're not using videos for sales prospecting, you should definitely be doing that because it's an easy way to get in front of someone and personalize the video with their name and company. And while you're doing this prospecting, you're also looking for a connecting point, so you might want to say, ‘hey, I see that your business has grown and you've moved into a new location’ or ‘hey, I see that you like old classic cars. I like old classic cars, too.’ It's about connecting and it's personalizing. But after the prospecting what I think of is the followup process. Now they connect with you, you can follow up and you could send a long five paragraph email that nobody ever reads or you could send a video and a short little two lines saying watch this video that explains everything and in this, you can educate them and activate them."

Tara Robertson, Sprout Social" title="Tara Robertson, Sprout Social">

"The point of video is to really bring that human element to the table, especially when you're working with customers because we're trying to really get them to trust us. Everything comes down to trust, it comes down to value, it comes down to how we're working together and I think being able to see somebody is so incredibly important."

Phil Nottingham, Video Strategist" title="Phil Nottingham, Video Strategist">

"I often think that the most underrated video channel is your own website. It's where you can do the most creative content. If you think about it, you have full control of the context of that page. You can really think about how the video interacts with everything else and build content that matters for that. Too often bigger brands focus on social media where they are at the whim of changes from Facebook and YouTube. But actually, the brands that really have had success with video have built their own platform, built their own channel. That comes from understanding who your audience is and building something that they're going to want to go to as a destination rather than just being hit with ads."

Brittany Berger," title="Brittany Berger">

"I'm heavily focused on social media distribution and repurposing smaller clips. While some people might post the whole video everywhere that they can post videos, instead, I only post the whole clip on YouTube and instead I take out a lot of :30-second to one-minute talking points and I create short really shareable social media videos out of those. Those are really great because they're more optimized for the social media platforms, which tend to prefer shorter video than YouTube and it's also a way to then drive people back to the full post because I can say, ‘if you want 4 other tips related to this one, you can go check out the full video."

Want to see the other 8 tips about video? Download the full Video Marketing Handbook 2019 here.