TwentyThree & Marketo® Partner to Move Video Forward

May 1st, 2018

As you probably already know, video is the best the way to tell stories. And when it’s combined with the powerful capabilities of platforms like Marketo, it gives marketers even more insight and empowerment to run video properly. We estimate that if you aren’t integrating video into your marketing automation platform, your lead scoring and attribution is off by as much as 50%. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership and the deepest integration with Marketo to bring video data to Marketo’s Engagement Platform’s +6,000 customers. With video already the majority of website engagement, this is essential for marketers to measure the impact of video beyond vanity metrics and analyze video engagement and conversions inside of Marketo.

As mentioned, the TwentyThree-Marketo integration helps you take back the missing half of your video marketing data. It's an integration that syncs both ways, providing video engagement data on already identified leads that are cookied through the Marketo munchkin code and tracked across your entire marketing funnel

Marketo’s pioneering engagement platform allows their customers to view user activity, automate all touch points in the buyer's journey, and measure across the entire marketing funnel. By combining their powerful platform with TwentyThree’s leading video marketing platform, marketers can use video audience insights, video collectors, and granular engagement data. Resulting in more leads from video, improved lead scoring, and powerful Marketo logic.

"Marketo provides an incredibly powerful engagement platform, and we wanted to honour that when we built our Marketo integration: by making the deepest connection that ties not only video plays, but also all information about the video journey and all conversion driven by video into Marketo with a true two-way sync," said Steffen Christensen, co-founder and CTO at TwentyThree. “This allows marketers to use video - which is already the most engaging channel - to properly identify video viewers and measure their behavior.”

How Marketo & TwentyThree Drive Video ROI

Video marketing platforms are starting to seeing adoption in 2018, but overall, still trail compared to other MarTech categories. TwentyThree is changing that by offering a product that empowers marketers and Marketo users to analyze video properly, integrate with their existing tech stack, run video across every channel, and generate leads with video.

“We’ve identified +4000 contacts inside our Marketo account that have engaged with videos through the TwentyThree integration. This allows us to have more powerful data for our smart campaigns, lead score based on video engagement, and our sales team to do more targeted outreach based on not only website behavior, but video activity too,” said Mada Seghete, Co-founder at Branch.

The integration is built with what we call two-way sync, which has two major benefits:

First, contact information and detailed video usage information from TwentyThree is made available directly in Marketo -- where it can be used for attributes, program assignment, smart flows, lead scoring, email campaigns, lead creation and much more.

- Second, TwentyThree will automatically detect if a contact already exists in Marketo -- and then reuse that information without asking visitors to identify again. This ensures a great user experience and the best possible data foundation for your video marketing.

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