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Frame Malmø

Date TBA, Malmø

What is Frame?

Video frames companies. From brand video to customer cases, marketing video to webinars, each frame tells your story. This event puts the video people of Malmø in the frame, front and centre.

Date and time TBA
Malmø, exact location TBA

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Why should you attend?

Get access to the knowledge and insights you can’t get anywhere else that’ll move your company into the video first era.

Today, video represents one of the most essential disciplines in marketing, and organisations are integrating video marketing into their strategies more than ever before. Despite its rise in popularity, when compared to other marketing disciplines, video marketing remains relatively underrated and underutilised.

That’s why we created Frame, to give the people moving their companies forward with video a place to connect, share, and learn.

Do you want to host Frame?

The Video Marketing Meetup is bringing together a global community where both best practices and new ideas come together and are shared. Let us know if we should bring the Video Marketing Meetup to your city. Contact