Run a live event

Real-time Analytics

For a live host there is great value in reporting engagement when the stream is active and the event is over. In TwentyThree you'll find that analytics are given in real-time, meaning live analytics with detailed views on what's going on in a livestream.

When logged in to the backend of your TwentyThree site you will find statistics with all marked incidents on the live event timeline. As an event is live you can use the timeline to follow your live event's engagement. You can identify how many viewers are currently watching and after the event you will instantly be presented with additional statistics such as peak viewers and total engagement.

How do I specify a time period?

By zooming in and out on the graph you can find the exact time period that matches the part of the live event you want to monitor. Simply place your pointer on the graph, hold and drag to match the zoom with the timeframe in interest. Use the identifier on the left side of the graph to see exactly where you are on the timeline and even zoom out.

You can also choose a specific time time period based on events. You find this option in a drop-down menu on the right.

Marked out events

As events happen these will be marked on the timeline. You can then very easily find information on when a broadcast was started or stopped.

A maximum of three events are shown on the timeline. If there are more than three events happening at the exact same time - the icon of the timeline will indicate how many.

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