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Getting to know the Audience overview

Audience & Connect

Under the Audience tab you get an overview of all your unique viewers; how many videos they have seen, when they were last seen, number of visits, minutes of engagement, engagement score, and what source they come from. All unique viewers can potentially become high quality leads identified by a collector or through a connection to another product in your marketing toolbox.

If a viewer has filled out a Collector with his/her email address or if a viewer match with a lead in a marketing automation tool you have connected, the viewer is identified with all the providable information.

Click on a single viewer to see more specific data, such as where the viewer was first seen and how he or she has been identified. Under Activity you are able to see what videos the viewer has watched, and the green heat maps let you know what part of the video has been watched and if it has been watched more than once. Each viewer is also given an "Engagement score" ranging from 0-100. This number indicates how engaged the viewer has been with your video content and is calculated based on the viewer's number of visits, number of videos watched and time spent watching your videos.