Connecting TwentyThree with Pardot

Audience & Connect

You can connect your TwentyThree Video Marketing Platform with Pardot – when doing so, leads converted through TwentyThree collectors/registration forms will automatically be added to your contacts in Pardot.

To setup a connection between TwentyThree and Pardot you need to prepare a few things in Pardot first.

Preparing Pardot

Start by creating a new campaign in Pardot and make sure to note down your campaign ID as well as your account ID.

Next step is to create a new form handler in Pardot. In this form handler you need to create fields name exactly as below:

  • email
  • company
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • phone

The email field must be set to required, whereas the other fields should be configured as not required.

After you've created the form handler you need to note down the form endpoint URL. Navigate to your form handler and click on "View form handler code". You should see a code similar to this:

<form action="" method="post">

Note down the URL within this code and make sure that it's using https.

Connecting TwentyThree with Pardot

Navigate to the Connect page in TwentyThree and click on the Pardot logo. IN the popup fill out the fields "Account", "Campaign" and "Form endpoint" with the details you noted down when preparing Pardot for the TwentyThree connection. Once the fields has been filled out hit the save button and your TwentyThree account should now be connected and syncing data with Pardot.

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