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Say goodbye to the limitations of single-host setups and hello to a new era of teamwork and efficiency. The Webinar Host role is often burdened with numerous tasks and responsibilities, leading to potential overwhelm and limitations in production quality. With CoProduce you can now have more than one host, leveraging the collective expertise and resources of your team members to deliver engaging and impactful webinars.

How to add a CoHost

To use this feature each Host just has to enter in the Webinar Room as usual and click on “Host the Webinar”. Each host will have equal capabilities within the webinar room, enabling them to utilize features such as playing videos in the playback panel, accessing the WebinarTray, and controlling camera mixing for a seamless presentation.

By distributing tasks and responsibilities among team members, CoProduce enables users to lighten the load and unlock the full potential of collaborative teamwork.

Ready to delve deeper into Webinars5? Watch the on-demand launch webinar now for an in-depth look.