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Experience DemoMode, a new feature that offers a real-life webinar showcase without the need to go live. With DemoMode, you can effortlessly showcase the full range of webinar features, from mixing capabilities to audience engagement data, providing a true-to-life demonstration of Webinars.

How to use DemoMode

To activate DemoMode, simply enter a webinar room by pressing Shift + Command + Click. This will take you to a demo webinar room, which includes two speakers and a presentation. Feel free to explore and test various features. You can also click "Go Live" to simulate user interactions in the chat. However, please note that despite the webinar room being a demo environment, if you go live, the live stream will actually start. Therefore, it's recommended to test the live function with a webinar that is set to Private and solely intended for demonstration purposes.

Ready to delve deeper into Webinars5? Watch the on-demand launch webinar now for an in-depth look.