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Getting started with Editor

The Editor in TwentyThree is what truly changes a video marketeers workflow. Moving from multiple platforms for capture, uploading, cutting and distribution. Either upload your video content as is or use video recordings from a live event. Simply trim, multiply and edit the videos directly in TwentyThree – all in one workflow. With the Editor you have all the tools you need in the same tool box. Making video production just as natural as text when you create content. The Editor empowers any marketing team to complete their video processes, and consists of two in-browser editing tools; Multiply and Cut Video.

With Multiply in you can make as many clips from one video as you want – and multiply your videos to grow your inventory for every marketing use case. To start using Multiply, simply go to the Editor tab in the menu. Click here to learn more about Multiply.

The in-browser clipping tool Cut Video empowers you to do master one-takes to your production flow, as you can make quick edits of you video after upload. To start using Cut Video, simply go to the Editor tab in the menu and choose Cut Video on the top of the page. Click here to learn more about Cut Videos.