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How to make your webinar available on demand

Once you’ve successfully ran your webinar, you might want to make it available as an on demand recording. Making your webinar available on demand is the easiest way to maximize value and lead generation, as well as engagement without additional effort. This will allow registrants that weren’t able to attend the webinar to view it and for those who attended to rewatch, as well as enabling new viewers to register for and watch the webinar.

Your webinar will automatically be recorded and will be available in your video library shortly after you end your broadcast, as well as from your webinar’s manage page. From there you can watch the recording, use the Editor to trim it or add Sections to your recording. When you are ready to make your webinar available on demand, simply click on the pen icon next to “On demand won't be available after the webinar” in the Date and Time panel and click the green button in the prompt.

You can also make your webinar available on demand by making the video public from your video library. Simply select your recording and in the drop-down menu where it says “Unpublished” select “Published”

Make your webinar recording available on demand

If you decide not to publish your webinar recording you need to keep in mind that certain emails in your webinar email flow will not be sent out, no matter whether they are activated or not. Those emails are “You missed [live event name]!” and “The recording of [live event name] is now ready!”.

Whenever you edit your recording, the audience will always be redirected to the newest version of the recording. If your live webinar did not go according to plan you also have the possibility to redirect to a different video by associating the video with your live event.

Now you are ready to show the rest of the world just how awesome your webinar was!