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Customize a theme

You can customize the presentation of a theme, having it fit your brand design. Simply go to Inbound → Customize Theme to edit the standard options available for the selected theme. These may vary, but include options such as easily adding your logo, your colours and your fonts to the design.

Customize a theme


You can easily change which fonts are used for the selected theme. Simply go to Fonts and click the cards to edit. This is where you'll find all available fonts listed and you can very easily choose which font are used across the site.

Customize a font


With Theme Options you can very easily add your company logo, background image, header or even website icon. Simply go to Graphics and click the card to upload. You are then asked to drop a file on the card or upload one you have stored locally on your computer. The file will be automatically updated on your site, and adapted to fit the theme design.

Customize a logo

If you want to delete a file later on, simply go to Site Designer → Files, locate the file and delete it there.


The options for primary and secondary brand color allow you to very easily change the main color of a site design. Depending on the theme selected, the primary brand color can affect items such as backgrounds, menus, search and link colors.

Customize a color

Links to social networks

Adding a link to your Facebook or Twitter account is very easy simply by editing the customization cards for these options. Simply add the destination of the social network you'd like to link to. The theme will take care of it looking nice on the site, simply by activating the icon of the social network in question.

Customize a link


Other options are available such as: 

Adding more Theme Options

Developers can, as a part of designing their very own theme, set up more Theme Options—accessible and easy to edit for all users.
Learn more about creating your own theme options.

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