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Letting your users subscribe to your content

You can let your visitors subscribe to your video content and have them receive an email when a new video is available for playback on your site. The visitor decides how often he or she wishes to be notified and whether he or she wants to be notified about all content on your video website - or just about new content in a specific category or with a specific tag.

Making the subscribe form available

To let your visitors signup for an email subscription, you can simply add the layout block "Subscribe" to the layout block of your video website. This block contains a link to an email signup form where the user can enter an email address and specify a notification interval for the subscription. By default the link in this layout block will change slightly depending on the site of your web page. If the user has clicked his or her way to a specific category on your site and then clicks the subscribe link, the user will subscribe to new video content from this category. Similarly, if the user is on an overview page for a specific tag and then click the subscribe button, he or she will only be notified about new videos with this tag. This behaviour can be modified by changing the javascript included in the layout block.

If you do not wish to insert the "Subscribe" layout block, you can construct a signup link yourself by directing your visitors to a URL on the form By adding additional parameters to this URL, you can have the user subscribe to only a subset of your videos: If you add the ID of a category (using the "album_id" parameter), the user will only be notified about new video content in that category. Similarly, you can use the "tag" parameter to have the user sign of your videos with a specific tag:


Managing subscriptions

You can keep track of how many subscribers you have at any time by going to "Inbound" → "See subscribers". Here, you will see a list of all subscribers, and you have the option of removing specific subscribers if you wish to do so.

Additionally, you can export the list of subscribers - either as a simple list of email addresses or directly into your Campaign Monitor account. Simply click the relevant link at the bottom of the page.