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Enable video comments

To further engage visitors on your video site, you can let them comment on the individual videos on your video site. This is done by enabling the comments feature by going to Inbound and then toggle "Comments". Here you can also see all comments on your videos by clicking "Review comments".

When comments are enabled you can go to the layout-grid in the Site Designer section and place the comments layout block right where you want it to show up. When your visitors start commenting, all comments will show up under Recent comments. Here you can look over the comments and delete one or more of them, should this become necessary - simply click the "Delete"-link for the comment in question. By clicking Block this IP, you even get the option of blocking the IP-address of a specific commenter. This may come in handy, if a visitor from a certain IP, continuously post inappropriate comments or spam.

Rich media-friendly

The comment field is rich media-friendly. Simply add your photos, articles, links and videos. Your link will automatically be shortened, matching the title of the media you are adding.