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Access restrictions for live events

In a situation where you wish to limit who can take part in your live event, you can configure different types of access restrictions. Your live event can be setup with five different options for audience access:

1. No restriction:

Anyone with access to the site can see the stream when it is live.

2. Password:

Visitors need to put in a password before they can view the stream.

3. Geo-blocking:

Only visitors from specific geographic regions are allowed to see the stream.

4. Custom:

Visitors need to be authenticated through your own servers to see the stream.

5. Visitor log-in:

Visitors must be logged into TwentyThree as visitors or full users in order to play the video.

If you want to change the access restrictions on your live event, go to the live event in the TwentyThree backend, click + and "Restrict Access" in the "Production" section. Then select the desired option and click "Save".

For information about the options for access restrictions on your video hub, read the article Specifying access restrictions for your video website.