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Promote your event with Banners

With Banners you can promote your event ahead of time on your corporate website, your blog, partnering sites and even in paid advertising such as Google Adwords. Simply add a widget to the sites where you want to promote your event and the banners will appear as soon as an event is scheduled, happening or even after it's over.

Banners before, during and after an event

The banner changes as your live event changes. In the weeks leading up to the event, it will count down and focus on getting your audience to sign up. During the event it will blink and show exactly what's going on in the live stream. Afterwards it will display a summary of the event showing clips and highlights from the event.

How to install banners

Banners can be installed on any web page by paste a single line of code. The banners are designed so you can easily customize the banner to fit your website and your company brand. It's also useful to highlight and bring attention to the event.

You can choose between either adding a code for banners in general, or for a specific banner. You only need to install the banner once. After that it will work whether you have an upcoming event or not.

To find the code needed to display a specific banner simply go to Live → the event you wish to promote → Add event banner to your website and copy the identifying code.

Design and functionality options for a banner

Before the event, the banner includes information with a countdown clock, and visitors can sign up for notifications. During the event, the livestream is in focus. Afterwards, the banner promotes clips and highlights from the event.

Control the design and functionality of a banner by going to on of your live events and select → Add event banner to your website → Configure and design live banners. Alternatively you can add /manage/live/banner to the end of your TwentyThree domain. Example:

Banners follow the design patterns of your video website including font and color. The background image of the banner is the same as the preview image uploaded for the event in question. The banners are responsive meaning they will adapt in width and height depending on the site they are implemented on. As you are defining options to the banner you can follow the changes in real-time preview mode.

Define options for the following:

  • Color; tint color, transparency of color and text color
  • Font; choose between a range of Google fonts available
  • Display; define how long you want the banner to show before and after the event
  • Countdown clock: choose if you wish to display a clock counting down to the start of the event