Introduction to Live in TwentyThree

Getting started with live events

Live video is no longer just a stream trapped in a player, no longer just a video broadcast. It's about the web and how you communicate and involve the audience before, during and after the event. Since live video is just one part of running a successful live event we have built a full-featured tool for making, promoting and hosting the digital event.

The live event page

A live event is a powerful way to invite an audience into your communication. Too often live video becomes about production crews, cameras, cables and limits itself to just a stream during the event. TwentyThree is taking the physical event digital and scales it. Instead of only hosting a stream, you create an event page that adapts before, during and after the event. Learn more about the event page here.


After creating your event page, the TwentyThree planning grid helps you plan a successful event by showing what actions you need to do before, during and after the event. Read all about the planning grid here.


We have a toolbox packed with everything you need to take the event to the next level. From real-time analytics, access control and social media integration, to editing the recording of the live event. And best of all, when the event is over you can repeat the experience to a new audience and with every kind of production setup.

How to get started with your live event

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