Live event settings

Streaming settings

You can find streaming information on the tab named Streaming on the right side of the overview page when you are setting up a live event.

To achieve the best possible output and device compatibility, you should always stream using the H.264 video codec, with AAC for audio and use a Baseline MPEG-4 profile.

If you are using Adobe Flash Media Encoder or Wirecast for streaming, simply download configuration files at your event page's Streaming menu.


Use a Baseline MPEG-4 profile, H.264 for video and AAC for audio. 


720p (1280 x 720 pixels) or 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels).


3000-5000 kbps.


25 frames per second, 1 second key frame interval and constant frame rate.

Having a keyframe for every second is important. If you use the suggested 25 fps rate, set your encoder to have keyframe for every 25 frames.

Server info

This is the server to which we are streaming.


This is the unique ID identifying the event you are streaming to.

Pre buffering and delay

Streams have a 12-15 second delay. This is caused by a buffer needed by the technology that we use for HTTP delivery through HLS.

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