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Replacing a video

Sometimes you might be in a situation where you wish to replace a video that has already been uploaded. Maybe you have produced a version of higher quality or have made other improvements or corrections.

If you upload the updated version as a new video, you would have to specify all the metadata for the video once again. However all links and embed codes would still point to the old video. Instead, you have the option of completely replacing an existing video. By doing this, all metadata will be kept intact and you will not have to change links and embed codes, as they will automatically point to the updated version. Most of the analytics data for the video will even be carried on to the new video; the only exception for this is that the user drop-off and play percentage metrics will be reset.

How to replace a video

Click on the video in the backend of your video site and choose the "Replace" option in the sidebar to the left. Here you can choose the file that you wish to replace the video with, and when the upload is done the updated video will take the place of the old one, once it has been transcoded.

Replace a video