Working with video

Download your video files

When you upload a video to your workspace, a range of different versions of the video is created. We transcode your video into low, standard, HD and Full HD resolutions (if the original file is of high enough quality) to make sure that your videos are playable across all devices and internet connections. We also deliver an audio-only version of the orginal file. Delivery of 4K and Windows Media Video (.wmv) formats can be arranged. Please get in contact with us if you'd like this feature enabled.

When you click on a video in the backend of your workspace and choose the "Download" option in the sidebar to the left, you will see a list of all formats created (or pending transcoding) for that video. In this list you will also see the clipped version, if there is one. You can download each of these versions, and the untouched original file is also available, if you ever need to use it elsewhere.

Retranscoding a video

If you have uploaded a video, and it does not playback as expected or not at all, something may have gone wrong in our transcoding of the original file. In this case, you can send it through the preparation process again by clicking on the "Prepare this video again" link. You can follow the transcoding process by looking at the animation next to each version.

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