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Uploading subtitles to your video

Working with video

For those of you who have an international audience or have content in multiple languages, subtitles are a great way to make your videos more accessible. When a video has subtitles, the viewer has the option of activating and deactivating them directly in the player—and you can decide whether they should be on by default or not.

You add subtitles to a video by clicking on the video in the backend of your video website and then choosing "Subtitles" in the sidebar to the left. If you do not see this option in the sidebar, ask an administrator of your video website to enable it in the video website's settings.

Here you will see a simple upload form where you choose the subtitle file you want to upload and specify the language of the subtitle. When the file is uploaded, it will be listed on the same page and then you will have the option of editing the subtitle or translating it to a new language in a translating interface. Simply choose either "Edit" or "Copy to new language", respectively.

If you have uploaded more than one subtitle file to a video, you can specify which language should be chosen by default by clicking the "Make default" link of the preferred language. If the video player detects that a viewer has a specific language preference, this language will be used but otherwise the default language is shown. Administrators of the video website can specify whether the player should try to detect language or not.

You can upload subtitles in either SubRip (.srt) or SubViewer (.sub) format. These files can be created using a third-party tool like Amara or Jubler - or your video producer might be able to make them for you.