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How to select or upload a thumbnail image

When you have uploaded a video to TwentyThree it's usually a good idea to check that the video has the best possible thumbnail. A video's thumbnail is a still image representing the video when it is not playing. The thumbnail is shown both inside the video player before the video starts playing and on any overview pages on the website where that video is present. 

After a video has been uploaded, a thumbnail is automatically chosen. However, you can select a thumbnail for the video by clicking on the video in the backend of your workspace and then choosing "Thumbnails" in the sidebar to the left.

When the video is uploaded, we process and generate up to 200 different thumbnails for you to choose from. When the process is done you can either click directly on the timeline or on the thumbnail you wish to select.

Watch this video on how to select a thumbnail for your video:

Uploading your own thumbnail

If you do not want to use one of the generated images as a thumbnail, you also have the option to upload your own image: Scroll to the bottom of the page, choose an image in the file browser and finally click the "Save thumbnail" button. Then the image will be uploaded to your video website and chosen as a thumbnail for that video.