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Open Webinar

With Open Webinar, hosting webinars becomes more inclusive and accessible than ever before. This innovative feature combines the reach of a livestream with the engagement of a webinar, offering a seamless experience for both hosts and attendees. By removing registration requirements, Open Webinar allows you to connect with a wider audience while respecting their privacy. Say goodbye to registration barriers and hello to a new era of interactive and accessible webinars with Open Webinar. 

Hot to create an Open Webinar

To create an Open Webinar, simply click on “Create a webinar” and then select the three dots at the bottom of the screen to enable the Open Webinar option.

Once the webinar is published (either as Public or with a Private Link), a landing page for the webinar will be generated for sharing. This page resembles the registration page, featuring the webinar image, description, and speaker presentations. However, it does not include the registration form, as it is not required for Open Webinar. 

Open Webinar offers a seamless and accessible platform for hosting engaging webinars without the need for audience registration, revolutionizing the way you connect and share knowledge online.

Ready to delve deeper into Webinars5? Watch the on-demand launch webinar now for an in-depth look.